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Years of research
and development.

Fitoplancton Marino Facility in Cadiz, Spain

It might seem like Karen® Phytoplankton came out of nowhere. The truth is, there are years of research behind us — and years of research still ahead of us. The potential of this microscopic plant is humungous, and it feels like we are just on the tip of the iceberg.

The Gaditae™ strain for human consumption was discovered by David Hunter in 2006 and was chosen because of its impressive nutritional profile of over 75 naturally occurring essential nutrients.

Master Phytoplankton cultivator Carlos Unamunzaga from Cadiz, Spain is the person responsible for sustainably growing this amazing plant. The two partners have been working on what has become “The Karen Project” for over 12 years.

Gaditae™ is grown with trade secrets under the highest levels of food safety standards in a state of the art facility. It’s these details that make Karen® “The Customer Review Champion”.

Sustainability Guarantee.

When growing Karen® there is no harvesting from the ocean. Karen® (Gaditae™) is grown via a pure heirloom seed and the unicellular organism multiplies itself. Gaditae™ is grown on land in filtered ocean water and in an enclosed tube. It’s undeniably the future of nutrition and we are proud to report our only by-product is pure oxygen and good health!